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Vedanth Bharadwaj has been pursuing music as a full time career for the last eight years. He has formally learnt Carnatic classical music for over fifteen years from Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan and currently under the tutelage of Sri Ramamoorthy Rao for advanced Carnatic and Hindustani vocal training for the last seven years. He is a qualified guitarist from the Trinity College of Music, London.

Vedanth makes music for films, documentaries, advertisements, albums, theater productions, etc. Vedanth has produced and released his first album called Maati Kahe, which is a compilation of songs from the Bhakti Movement written by mystic saints such as Kabir, Namdev, Mirabai, Tulasidas, Surdas, Purandaradas and Gurunanak.

Vedanth has recorded and designed the sound for "This and the Other", "Blue Divine" and "Tharunam" - music albums by renowned pianist Anil Srinivasan and Carnatic vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan; "Flame of the Forest" - music album by Chitraveena Ravikiran, Anil Srinivasan and BS Purushotam; "Eternal Light" by Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and Anil Srinivasan; Anita Ratnam's "Faces", "Framing Five" and "Ma3ka".

Vedanth also continues his passion with teaching Music. He is associated with Music Univ, an initiative spearheaded by Anil Srinivasan. As a part of team Music Univ , Vedanth teaches young children and also conducts special training programs for music teachers.

Vedanth is a Post Graduate in Psychology and an MBA in Corporate Communication.

For further details visit: www.vedanth.in